Inspiring The Next Generation To Innovate and Invent

Who We Are

We are a collective of Educators, Artists, Engineers and Passionate Business people, trying to change the way education is delivered to Children across the World. We setup Maker Spaces, Deliver STEM / STEAM Curriculum, and organise Hackathons, Workshops, Trainings so that we can Inspire the Next Generation to Innovate and Invent.

The MakersBox Team

Our Services

Whether you are looking at Setting up a Maker Space in your College or University, or Need help is running an Existing Maker Space, we are here to Help. With our India wide and Global Presence, No City or Country is beyond Reach. We have Curriculum for Classes K-12, for University Students and Corporates so that Innovation and Invention are within their Reach.

We offer Curriculum Design, Integration and Training Materials so that you can deliver education based on the Principals of STEM to your students.
Our Expert team helps you design, and even implement a Maker Space. Whether you are looking at a Generic Space, or a Focussed Space, our team of researchers, infrastructure, and engineers are here to help you design your space.
Want to organise a Hackathon, or a Training - We can help you do that. Our Partners have benefited from our reach, and knowledge to have full house events, that deliver learning and skills.
Gamification is a great way of teaching content. Talk to us on how we can help you improve what you are currently doing in your STEM Spaces.

Help us Bring STEM Education to your School or University?